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Skull and Roses

Yay, polymer clay.

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Speaking of skulls, you all might be interested to know that I regularly post free embroidery patterns to my blog, and that recently I posted a whole sheet of skulls.

Of Paints and Clay

It recently occured to me that a few of my recent projects would be approprite for this community.

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Jan. 18th, 2009

I'm not going to make selling here a regular thing I do, but I'm posting these to all the communities I can in hopes of moving them on to new homes before my listings expire.


all skullheads are now $5.00 and under.
Thanks for looking.


I need craft advice.

My sister died on November 4th suddenly from a botched surgery.
Well, apparently after they allowed my brother in law to see her, the nurse asked him if he wanted a sample of her hair as a keepsake. He went ahead and took it.

He's asked me to try and do something crafty with it so it's not just a ziploc with some hair in it. He wants me to have a little of it and wants to keep some for himself.

I've looked at the hair and it's not very much, just enough where it looks like the nurse pinched some off and snipped it. It's from her bangs, so it's only about half an inch long and I'm STUMPED as to what to do with it.

I know I could try figuring out resin and put it in a pendant, but honestly, resin is expensive and it's just a very small amount of hair. Also, that's not really manly.

What could I possibly do with that small amount of hair??
thanks for any help you could give me.


Quick Addendum to Last Post

Hello again! I'm the one who recently posted all the polymer clay body part jewelry, and I just wanted to let you guys know I've decided to give away two custom pairs of eyeball earrings over on my blog. I'm asking for eyeball puns in return for an entry into the drawing, and it should be a lot of fun!

More Polymer Clay

Remember this post? Yeah. I'm still going.

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That fulfills today's morbid quota. Enjoy!


Hey guys! So a few months ago i got this tutorial from instructables.com on how to make a realistic wound. I was the hit of the party!

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Zombie Doll Busts

A while back I bought some doll busts and appendages meant for making Christmas tree angels. I knew that one day I'd get around to altering them. Well, guess what? I injured both of my ankles a few weeks ago, so have spent my time on the couch with all my craft supplies spread on the coffee table and a lap desk. Since thee is a lot of layer building, I've been working on the doll pieces in sort of a round. While one part dries on one doll piece, I'm working on another. Anyway, I have one that is almost completely finished. All I have left is the hair.

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