Crafting With Guts...

(not reals ones)

Crafting With Guts
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Crafting with body parts...not real ones-ok maybe
Warning-this community will gross you out and if you can't handle it-don't join.

This community was made for those with a love of crafting, with a twist.

This is a place to discuss your plans and successes in any crafts with an anotomically correct body part theme.

Do you want to create a fetus bag with an umbilical cord strap or ovary earmuffs?
How about stencilling a ribcage and bleeding heart onto a t-shirt?
Do you have plans to make a pincushion in the shape of a pierceable body part?

We're the community for you!

Other body-part-related crafts your "sick" little mind can come up with are also welcomed with open arms.

Not only do we accept these ideas, we encourage them.
So, come on--join our twisted little world and have a blast.


1. keep image size no bigger than 640 X 480 pixels or put it behind a cut.

2. no more than two images outside of an lj-cut.

3. no blatant selling (price listings, etc), however modest watermarks and photo links to a selling site ARE allowed. If you're approached by a community member in a comment, feel free to pass on any price or other information THEN.

4. no assholes allowed, unless they're included in your crafts.
If you're just going to join to heckle us, go somewhere else.
Membership is usually moderator-approved but due to recent promotion, it's open for a limited time.
By joining the community you agree to the fact that weird/gross/strange things are awesome and that they WILL be discussed.

5. This community has a zero drama policy. If you don't like someone's projects, keep it to yourself.

If you make any negative comments that are meant to attack any community member rather than offer constructive criticism, you will be given a warning. If it happens a second time, you will be banned.

If you feel that a project is inappropriate, you shouldn't be here anyway.
Just assume everything will be NSFW or at least a bit gruesome.
The more realistic, the better, actually.

6. Due to the sensitive nature of the projects, we do ask that anything TOO graphic be posted underneath the lj-cut and fair warning be given. Failure to comply may result in a deleted post, and no one wants that. Your stuff is just too awesome and you know it.

Don't have the crafty abilities or just want to direct us to someone who does?
Make a post with a link to them! We'd love to see some other people's gutsy creations for inspiration!


Hi, I'm Amie!Hi, I'm Crystal!

Please use the above contacts if you have any questions regarding a post, a project or a possible selling faux pas (or just want to message us to tell us we win at life).

Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the interweb. Glad we could catch your eye (did you want it back?).